Save vs. Splurge: Varley Vine Pullover

Which is the “real” Varley Vine Pullover? I love the left one, as it is more structured and heavyweight. The zipper hardware is top quality, too. The right one is lightweight, more of a super relaxed, loose fit. The zipper is thinner and gunmetal as opposed to the shiny gold on the left. You also can’t beat the dusty purple-gray color on both! It’s so pretty.

There is another “purple gray” color option with gold hardware on the $35 save option, too! I’m wearing a size small (not offered in XS) in the save version and true to size XS in the $158 splurge pullover.

Here is the save version in “off white”:

And another selfie of the real Varley splurge option – this is the “deep charcoal” color:

So, the real one is the left while the Amazon save find is the right side photo at the top of this post! Which one will you try? Everything is always linked in my LTK shop and Amazon storefront! Happy shopping!

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