Meniere’s Disease Awareness: Ears of Meniere’s Documentary

meniere's disease, reading mind over meniere's book

I can’t wait for the official “Ears of Meniere’s” documentary to be completed (covid delays!). Here is a peak into the crazy disability diagnosis I’ve been dealing with since March 2020. Shout out to Janine McGoldrick of 2nd Chapter Productions, who friended me off social and introduced me to a caring community of people coping with the illness.

Also, we highlight more on the illness here. I hope you’ll watch to learn more about this crippling, rare disease.

I’ll be writing more Meniere’s and hearing aid journal entries soon. In the meantime, catch up on the sudden hearing loss I experienced and the beginning of my diagnosis journey. For now, I’m still learning, still putting off doctor check-ups (the repetitive audiology tests are depressing), still trying unsuccessfully to avoid sodium, and still trying to stay vertigo-free (smirk)!

menieres disease

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