Love Sparkles with Heart: Love Is Project

love is project metallic shimmer

A strong message of love and kindness is woven throughout the Love Is Project. These beautiful bracelets are handcrafted by global female artisans and simply make you feel good! These are perfect for gifting to those who love sparkles while providing support to the families of the artisans.

“The original LOVE bracelet created a social movement around the world, connecting the maker and wearer in a common bond of love. Every purchase creates a sustainable livelihood for thousands of Maasai women, their families and communities. For the Maasai, the red beads represent bravery, strength and unity”. 

love is project love bracelet

I especially adore the metallic shimmer and the little shiny gold tags on these Kali Ombre and Bollywood bracelet stacks! Plus, the pulley system makes them oh so perfectly adjustable from 6.5 inches to 12 inches which allows for easy gifting without having to guess sizing. Love Is Project also has a cool subscription option so you can give or receive a dose of love monthly.

love is project bracelets

I love a good startup “why”, too. Love Is Project began with a message of love while hoping to financially support families at the same time. With artisans in Kenya, Bali, Guatemala and Ecuador, each bracelet represents hope for the artisan who made it. Charities are also supported through these beautiful pieces of jewelry.

I remember being so touched watching Chrissy Lam and her mother pitch their startup on Shark Tank, too. Read more about the founding story and evolution of the Love Is Project. I promise, you’ll feel all the feelings and be inspired to spread love and sparkles!

Love Is Project boasts over 2,100 working artisans in ten countries and an incredible community that is all about hope. This is everything we need in the world right now, don’t you agree?

Bonus: You can even grab a collar for your furry friend! I think my Josie needs one for Christmas!

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